The D R Burton OPEP Family

Surrounding OPEP therapy, the standard of care for airway clearance

  • IPEP® is the only metrics-based OPEP that measures lung volume
  • PocketPEP®; is half the size of other OPEP products, ideal portability for home care and cystic fibrosis patients, helping to reduce risk of post-operative readmissions
  • vPEP® is the simplest OPEP therapy with only 4 pieces
  • All DR Burton OPEP devices provide exceptional performance with consistent frequency and amplitude




- Incentive Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy

  • The patented combination OPEP & Incentive Spirometer device
  • The only volume based OPEP
  • All in one clinician tool
    • Lung Expansion
    • Treatment of Atelectasis
    • Secretion Clearance
  • Proven superior Expiratory Flow Bias, a key predictor of secretion clearance
  • Removable PocketPEP® for OPEP use at home
See iPEP published study on the importance of measuring volume

U.S. Patent 9,233,24 B2 and other patents pending

D R Burton OPEP products feature superior performance
A published study challenges the traditional OPEP therapy as a blind technique involving no measures of effectiveness.

In OPEP therapy patients are simply instructed to take a deeper breath than normal and exhale through the device for 3-4 seconds. A published study challenges traditional OPEP therapy as a blind technique involving no measures of feedback or effectiveness. The study found that 60% of subjects (25/42) performed either an inadequate inspiratory maneuver or exceeded the recommended inspiratory volume during OPEP therapy. Only 40% of subjects (17/42) were in the recommended range of 51-70% of predicted inspiratory capacity (see chart 2).

The study also found that when resistance was set at the most common “mid-level”, only 43% of subjects (18/42) produced positive expiratory pressures in the effective range of 10 – 20 cmH2O (see chart 3).

  • The paper concluded, “when coaching patients and changing resistance settings during OPEP therapy, this study has demonstrated the advantage of using adjunct monitoring devices to assure adequate tidal volume and flow, to make sure patients meet therapeutic pressure thresholds.”

– Ideal for Home Use by Patients
The iPEP® features the PocketPEP® Homecare Kit.

  • The palm-sized PocketPEP® is the smallest OPEP available, less than half the size of other products.
  • In acute settings, PEP therapy is intended to reduce the risk of hospital acquired pneumonia. When patients continue use of the convenient PEP therapy at home, it can reduce risk of pulmonary complications post discharge.
  • With only one moving part, the PocketPEP is easy to operate and clean for patients.

– The simplest OPEP therapy

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